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Paradesa Borneo

Our Motto

Paradesa Borneo, established in 2013, offers Paradesa Brands of tourism experience for visitors to Borneo. We hope to introduce new and pioneering tourism experience to Borneo, starting with our signatory and pioneering bicycle tour in Sarawak!

Fun – Fun filled Borneo discovery!
Joy – Joyous indulgence in Sight, Sounds and Taste of Borneo!
Live – Live the Borneo moment!

About Paradesa Borneo

Paradesa Borneo is an adventure travel company specialising in cycle tours in Sarawak, Malaysia.

As the only cycle-specific travel venture operating out of Kuching, our adventure travel firm also offers kayaking, wildlife discovery, caving and hiking tours around Sarawak in addition to its core products for cycle tourists.

Paradesa Borneo pioneered Kuching City first half-day cycle trips that explored heritage landmarks close to the river. They were designed for non-cyclists to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mini-bus city tours. Based in old Kuching town, close to the riverside boulevard, the company has since tapped local knowledge, mainly from cyclists to create a range of 16 bike tours that explore heritage and nature destinations beyond the state capital. It offers a range of day tours that categorized under Local Bike Discovery (6 city base tours) as well as Adventure Biking (4 mountain bike tours).

In addition, the latest addition is multi-day bike tours featuring six different bike holidays in the east Malaysian state from three days (two nights) to nine days (eight nights), all-inclusive arrangement including the supply of mountain bikes if needed.

How We Started

I neither started from my dad’s garage or a college dropout but everything else started far away from home…

Yes, 10,164 km away from home!

I have just returned home after more than 30 years of oversea studying, backpacking and exploring in Europe / US / Asia, soaking in different (and mostly good) experience, culture, food, outdoor discovery, wild adventure and meeting travellers from all walks of life.

Most notably, I spent the past 15 years working in the tourist boom town of Yangshuo in China, where most sightseeing and adventurous activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing, caving and kayaking was virtually just outside the doorstep of the resort I was managing (Paradesa Yangshuo Resort)! Participating in these outdoor activities and drinking obscene amount of rice wine was the reason how I managed to remain sane in China for so many years! After the China resort was being “harmonised” (ie. kickedout) by the local government officials, I returned to Borneo a couple of years ago and I often found myself amazed by the many exciting and great diversity of outdoor activities in Borneo, and how many of us local are taken it for granted!

Realizing these outdoor discoveries become my passion and excuses for going out every weekend (or sometime even weekday). As a way of getting my wife off my back, I have decided to mix pleasure with work. That’s why I have decided to mortgage my children’s education fund to start this humble tour business and hope to share the discovery of Borneo with all!

“Home is where the heart is.” – Pliny the Elder
Paradesa Borneo Director JC Chua (Nov 2013)


Awards and Recognitions

Winner of “Special Recognition: Outstanding Emerging Destination Management Company”
Award @ 7th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award 2015/2016 (24th November 2017)

Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award

Paradesa Borneo Made It To The Top 5 For The “Best Local Tour Operator” In Malaysia
@ 19th Malaysia Tourism Awards (18th Feb 2016)

Malaysia Tourism Award