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Cycling The Headhunter’s Heartland (7D6N)

An Epic Ride Into The Iban Heartland (7D6N)

Following the trail of the White Rajahs in the bygone era in their conquest to suppress the rebellious Headhunters, ride into the Iban Heartland of authentic long houses, interior waterways and rustic forts. This trip runs Kuching to Batang-Ai.


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An Epic Ride Into The Iban Heartland (7D6N)

Following the trail of the White Rajahs in the bygone era in their conquest to suppress the rebellious Headhunters, ride into the Iban Heartland of authentic long houses, interior waterways and rustic forts. This trip runs Kuching to Batang-Ai.

Explore on two-wheels into the heartland of the legendary Dayaks, once feared headhunters of Borneo. Navigate the remote interior riverways and ride the outback country lanes to travel among the Dayak people.

Discover how their history intertwined with 100 years dynasty of English’s White Rajahs, in the 1840’s , by visiting the historical forts built by the White Rajahs to defend against the warring headhunters and learn their fascinating legacy.

Along the trail, stay in unique Dayak longhouses to enjoy the hospitality of the tribal hosts and indulge in authentic cuisines prepared from nature’s freshest ingredients. This one week trip is an amazing experience to live among the proud natives of Borneo — an epic bike holiday for the heart and soul.


Contact Us:If the Scheduled dates don’t fit your schedule, contact us to custom your tour to an alternative date.  Or if you have a group of more than 6 pax, ask for our group pricing!

Story of the Headhunters

Sarawak is where adventure lives. Join us for the trip of a lifetime, into Malaysia’s largest state, all 48,000 square miles of it. Navigate the old highways of Borneo – the rivers — and ride the outback country lanes to travel into Iban heartland. Until well into the 20th century, rivers were the highways of Borneo. Though supplemented by a modern road system today, riparian transport is still part of everyday life.

Sarawak used to be under Brunei suzerainty, but in the 1840s an English gentleman-adventurer, James Brooke, was awarded custody of the turbulent little province, and granted the title Rajah. The dynasty of the White Rajahs lasted 100 years; today Sarawak is part of Malaysia.

Discover traces of the White Rajahs, and see how they had to shore up their position by building Forts. Brooke era buildings are an important part of Sarawak’s architectural heritage today, as well as interesting historical markers.

The Dayaks of Borneo, once feared headhunters, cling to their distinctive house form: the longhouse. They’ll welcome you into this village of homes built side by side, linked by a long covered veranda along the front of the individual doors and covered by one huge roof.

Your route is dotted with longhouses, some pretty ancient, others new – modern building materials are used today, but the essential lifestyle of a village under one roof has not changed. For a few memorable days you’ll be ‘one of the family’. You’ll enjoy spontaneous ‘longhouse hospitality’ at its best, sharing simple cuisine of fresh produce from farms and the jungle, eating your meals on a mat on the floor, and dossing down under a mosquito net at night.

Part of the “Fort to Fort” Project initiated by Ministry of Tourism Sarawak

Your Trail

DAY 1        Arrive at Kuching, Cycle the Heritage Trail (12 km)

Arrive in the capital of Sarawak, the charming old town of Kuching. The group will meet with the tour leader in the late afternoon for a briefing on the tour, a chance to try out the bikes, and then we head off straightaway onto the heritage trail of the White Rajah. Enjoy a welcomed sunset dinner at the bank of the romantic Sarawak River.

Basaga Hotel / The Marian        Meals: D

Pedal into history on this heritage tour of Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Explore the Main Bazaar of the picturesque Old Town, and stop at the Square Tower, at the ‘stone jetty’. In the early days of the Brooke Rajah, this Fort and a nearby Court House were the full extent of government buildings. Cross the River in the traditional fashion, in a ‘sampan’ ferry deftly steered with oars, to visit Fort Margherita, built by Charles Brooke in 1879 and named after his bride. The Fort’s cannons were trained on the river, both a traffic route and possible source of an enemy attack. As it happens, the brick-built edifice has never been shot at in anger. After substantial renovations it is now a Museum of Brooke memorabilia.

DAY 2         Long Boat to Banting

After breakfast we start our journey into the Borneo interior. Visit two lively market bazaars along the way before reaching the outpost town of Pantu. We take a traditional long boat ride into a remote longhouses of Banting, accessible only by boat on crocodile infested river. Explore the local community with your local host and enjoy spontaneous ‘longhouse hospitality’ at its best, sharing simple traditional cuisine on the floor and dossing down under a mosquito net at night.

Banting Longhouse        Meals: BLD

We make our first stop at Serian market, a great place to find every kind of fruit imaginable. Next stop, trading bazaar Lachau and a village-style lunch.The riverine adventure starts at Pantu, in shallow-draft longboats all the way to the Iban villages of Banting. Banting is an old rallying point of the Ibans who use the fertile lowlands for padi farming. The rocky hill by the river was a primitive fort; in times of danger the villagers found refuge here. The early Christian missionaries recognized the importance of the vantage point and crowned it with St.Paul’s Church which,    improved and renovated many times, has stood here since 1859. Enjoy the simple longhouse welcome – never mind what time visitors turn up, refreshments will be offered. Once you’ve been shown your quarters you’re welcome to-stroll around the village, climb the hill to inspect the church, ask someone to explain the mysterious rock formations near the river, maybe drop in at the school, see people produce artistic handicrafts like mat-making and weaving, or wander off to the rice fields and vegetable gardens. The river here is famous for its prawns — unfortunately, crocodiles like the tasty crustaceans quite as much as we humans do. Swimming in the river is NOT recommended!

DAY 3        Cycle to Fort Alice (51 km)

After a short boat transfer to a tiding outpost of Lingga, we ride up the majestic Batang Lupar River, bypassing longhouse villages, farms and paddy fields. If we are lucky, we can see the natural phenomenon of tidal bore roar pass us during our ride. We will reach the old town of Sri-Aman to visit the newly restored Fort Alice to discover how battles were fought during the warring era.

Seri Simanggang Hotel        Meals: BLD

You’ll set off by longboat for the Lingga bazaar, center of the lower Batang Lupar where you’ll taste a coffee shop breakfast. In James Brooke’s time, the township was ruled by two feisty Malay women of the aristocratic class who didn’t shirk from donning male attire and joining their followers in warfare if the occasion demanded it! You’ll enjoy an easy ride along the banks of the great river. A few hills in the distance enliven the landscape; make a couple of detours to have a look at particularly interesting longhouses. You’ll pedal into the capital of the Batang Lupar, Sri Aman (formerly known as Simanggang) in time for lunch. You can’t miss Fort Alice (1864) perched on a riverside hillock, commanding a good view of the river from where trouble might be expected to come in the old days… and it frequently did. Like all forts, Alice served for defense and security, as administrative headquarters, and as a prison – ‘lifers’ were usually incarcerated in Fort Alice.

DAY 4        Cycle (32 km) and Boat to Skrang River

After a short river crossing, we continue another day of pleasant ride upriver to another old fort, Fort Lily at Betong. Along the way, meet a war hero with medals from the Queen of England and discovery some old skulls still hanging inside an old longhouse. After a visit to Fort Lily, get into another long boat up the Skrang River famous for its feared warrior. The old chief will entertain you with old tales and maybe a little rice wine at Nanga Murat longhouse.

Nanga Murat Longhouse         Meals: BLD

After breakfast, you’ll cross the river and pedal overland to the next main township, Betong, on the Layar River. You may get a chance to pay your respects to,a now very veteran warrior who was awarded the George Cross by King George VI; he lives in quiet retirement near his hometown Sri Aman. After a good stint of pedaling, you’ve deserved a good coffee-shop lunch in Betong! Visit Fort Lily (1855), built to fortify this ‘outstation’. Lily has seen considerable action in the turbulent times when Iban chief Rentap challenged the Rajah; some of the cannon used in the skirmishes are preserved in the Betong District Office. Your journey continues by car until you reach Pais jetty on the Skrang River; here you board longboats to proceed in time-honoured Sarawak fashion. Remember, the rivers were our highways until not so very long ago! You’ll disembark at Nanga Murat longhouse to meet the old chief. The villagers have recently moved into a new longhouse; don’t forget to visit the old one for comparison! Old or new, longhouse hospitality is from the heart, but the facilities tend to be fairly simple; be prepared to eat seated on the floor, and sleep on a mattress under a mosquito net.

DAY 5        Cycle (51 km) and Boat to Batang Ai Resort

After a short land transfer, we take a pleasant ride passing through many more longhouse villages and small farms. We reach the Batang Ai Lake for a scenic boat ride into a longhouse style resort for a well deserved relaxation.

Batang At Resort        Meals: BLD

Today you really do travel up country! After a short trip in the van you’ll cycle away from the trunk road, southwards, towards the Kalimantan border. Numerous longhouses along the trail makes the point: this is the Iban heartland. You’ll make a side excursion up the Lemanak River; where the terrain gets hilly.-Pedal and pedal until you can literally go no further, and you’ll reach a man-made lake snuggled among the hills. This lake supplies hydro-electricity to most of Kuching and West Sarawak. You’ll embark on a lake craft that looks roughly like the ‘African Queen’ to cross the Hydro Lake to the Batang Ai Resort. Yes indeed, the cluster of longhouses bedded against the green slopes is a resort! Spend a leisurely afternoon and evening, recovering from the rigours of the trail.

DAY 6        Rest and Transfer to Kuching

In the morning, you will have the option to relax by the pool, visit a nearby longhouse or a waterfall. After lunch, we take the final land transfer back to civilization. We then enjoy our final meal together and celebrate the tour.

Basaga Hotel / The Marian        Meals: BLD

After a late breakfast, take a dip in the swimming pool, go for a jungle walk, explore a nearby longhouse or visit a waterfall, commune with nature — this is an easy day. After lunch we’ll set off for Kuching. The return journey to Kuching is for relaxing, talking and singing, and re-living the adventure you’ve just enjoyed. Epic Headhunter’s Trail is a trip to remember! Enjoy one last, glorious meal together at the Topspot Food Center in Kuching. It’s where all the good food of Sarawak comes together. The waiters don’t carry white serviettes over their left arm and the ambiance leaves something to be desired, but the food is, seriously, something to write home about!

DAY 7         Tour Concludes in Kuching

Today the tour concludes. For those who are not in a hurry to leave, the wildlife and adventures of Borneo awaits. For more information on these amazing adventures and other destinations to extend your holiday, please ask our team at the time of booking.

Meals: B

Transfer to Kuching airport for a flight home sweet home.

Please note that the above itinerary is subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will always do our best to adhere to this original itinerary.

– End –

An Epic Ride Into The Iban Heartland (7D6N) 

Number of Days 7 Days / 6 Nights Total Cycling Distance 146 kilometers
Biking Difficulty 3/5 (Active) Paved roads and gravel tracks with some undulations. Some easy off-road biking. No. of Cycling Days 3 full days, 1 half day
Accommodation As per itinerary Meals As per itinerary
Tour Cost RM 6,980 / Rider Single Supplement RM 908 / Rider
Bike Hire RM 460 / Bike Minimum Age on Schedule Departure 12
Schedule Departure 

 2017 22 Jan – 28 Jan            19 Feb – 25 Feb        5 Mar – 11 Mar            23 Apr – 29 Apr 28 May – 3 Jun #        22 Oct – 28 Oct                19 Nov – 25 Nov         24 Dec – 30 Dec *

 2018 21 Jan – 27 Jan            18 Feb – 24 Feb        4 Mar – 10 Mar            22 Apr – 28 Apr  27 May – 2 Jun #        21 Oct – 27 Oct            18 Nov – 24 Nov         23 Dec – 29 Dec *

# Harvest Festival        * Christmas Day

Package also include: English speaking guide, accommodations and meals, support vehicle, helmet, rain ponchos, drinks & snacks, other non-riding activities as per itinerary and entrance fees. Free airport transfer for tours of more than 3 days.


Contact Us:If the Scheduled dates don’t fit your schedule, contact us to custom your tour to an alternative date.  Or if you have a group of more than 6 pax, ask for our group pricing!

Ride with us, the locals!

As the first and pioneer professional bike tour operator in Sarawak Borneo, we have got it covered: Borneo’s best bike trail, most spectacular national parks, best wildlife spotting grounds, the most authentic delicacies and rice wines, secret waterfalls and hidden cave chambers, the friendliest cultural homestays and an amazing biking holiday!

In 3 years since 2013, we started with just 1 Bike Day Tour to now over 16 bike tours, including 6 multi-days /-activities bike holiday, ranging from 3 Days 2 Nights to 9 Days 8 Nights.  Tourism Malaysia rated Paradesa Borneo to be one of the best bike tour company currently operating in Malaysia.

Our Bike Tours are:

Meticulously Planned With Local Knowledge


Professionally Serviced With Borneo Hospitality!

Paradesa Borneo

“Travel Globally, Cycle Locally”


How To Book   Done you research and ready to go on our exciting Bike Holiday in Sarawak Borneo?

  1. If you see a tour you like, from the tour page, select from the calendar’s schedule date which you’d like to travel;
  2. Input the number of participants (minimum number of participants is usually 2);
  3. Click the ‘Check Availability’ button;,
  4. If you are a single traveler, email us from the Contact page to see if there are other travel on the same date;
  5. We will confirm go or no go within 24 hours;
  6. Once a trip is confirmed you are free to book your flights and make other travel arrangements;
  7. For the next steps we will need to know the names of the people traveling as well as extra details such as passport numbers, height and meal preference etc.;
  8. To guarantee your place we require a 30% deposit;
  9. Upon receiving the deposit, we will send you an information pack contains useful information such as joining instruction and packing list etc;
  10. Balance of full payment is required to be settled before the due date depends on when the tour is confirmed;
  11. Please check our General Booking Conditions section for more detail on Booking Conditions, Payment Procedure and Cancellation Policy etc.

If you are having any problems or just want to ask us for more details, please send us an email, or give us a call and one of our tour adviser will assist you with your booking.

Booking Conditions Booking and Payment Procedure

A) The general procedure for a booking:

  1. Upon receiving booking request form from the Customer, Paradesa Borneo will respond to booking requests within one business days either with a confirmation, with an update and projected date for confirmation, or with questions regarding the booking;
  2. Booking is subject to availability and is not confirmed until Paradesa Borneo have emailed a formal confirmation. Please do not make non-changeable travel plans until a formal confirmation is received;
  3. Paradesa Borneo confirm the booking and send invoice to the Customer;
  4. Upon receiving the the tour confirmation from Paradesa Borneo, the Customer is to make a deposit 30% of the total tour price to Paradesa Borneo’s bank account;
  5. Upon receiving the deposit, Paradesa Borneo will send an information pack to the Customers which contains useful information such as joining instruction and packing list etc;
  6. the Customer will send full payment to the Paradesa Borneo (minus the related bank charges) with the due date for the balance payment depends on when the tour is confirmed:-
    • Confirmation more than 60 calendar days before the tour: Full payment must be received at least 60 days before the tour start date;
    • Confirmation from 60 to 29 calendar days before the tour: Full payment must be received within one week of when the tour is confirmed;
    • If the tour is confirmed within 28 days before the tour date: Full payment must be received within 3 business days of when the tour is confirmed.
  7. If Paradesa Borneo do not receive full payment by the deadlines, the tour operator reserve the right to cancel the reservation and apply cancellation fees.

B) The Tour Operator’s receiving bank account details:

Account Number     3180537326

Account Name         One Wayang Tours Sdn Bhd

Address         No 1, Wayang Street, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Bank Name         Public Bank Berhad

Bank Address        Kuching City Branch, 102, Jalan Song Thian Cheok, Kuching

Settlement Currency     Ringgit Malaysia

Swift Code         PBBEMYKL

C) All payments must be made in Ringgit Malaysia.

D) All banking fees deducted from money transfer upon receipt of payment will be incurred by the Customer and will not be covered by Paradesa Borneo.

Tour Inclusions

E) Each Paradesa Borneo multi-days bike holiday package includes different services in terms of included activities, meals and transport. These details are included on the tours web page. Paradesa Borneo reserves the right to change inclusions as listed due to operational or other factors.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

F) Cancellation by Customer

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing and emailed to Paradesa Borneo. The Date of Cancellation will be the day Paradesa Borneo receive the written notice of cancellation. Cancellations by phone or email will not be considered as valid notice. The schedule of cancellation charges below will apply with effect from the date that written notice is received by Paradesa Borneo:-

For long tours (more than 5 days):

Days prior to trip start / Cancellation fee per person:

  • 0-20 days or No-show: No refund 100% of tour price
  • 21-41 days: 75% of the net rate
  • 42-55 days: 50% of the net rate
  • 56-69 days: RM 1,000/-
  • 70 days: Admin expenses plus any non-recoverable expenses, include bank fees, reservation or advance charges incurred for boats, guides transport accommodation or restaurants and any other reasonable expenses.

For short tours (4 days or less):

Days prior to trip start / Cancellation fee per person:

  • < 24 hours or No show: No refund 100% of tour price
  • 1-3 days: 50% of the net rate
  • 4-7 days: 25% of the net rate
  • > 7 days: Full refund

Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies or civil unrest. There is also no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early. Single person supplements, bike rental and additional services are considered part of the trip price and are subject to cancellation fees.

Paradesa Borneo is not responsible for expenses incurred by the Customers in connection with or in preparation for any canceled trips, such as airline tickets. Customers who fail to provide a signed “Waiver and Release of Liability” will not be allowed to join the trip and the cancellation policy applies.

G) Cancellation or Alteration by the Paradesa Borneo

Paradesa Borneo reserve the right to alter itineraries or to cancel tours at short or no notice when it is necessary or advisable. Paradesa Borneo reserves the right to make route and hotel modifications as needed at it’s discretion. If Paradesa Borneo cancel a tour, the Customers will be offered at least one of the following options, the choice of which will be at Customers discretion: 1) To join the requested tour at an alternative time or at an alternative date; 2) To join an alternative tour to commence within 13 months of the date the first tour was due to commence. The Customers will need to cover any price difference. 3) To receive a full refund from Paradesa Borneo, ie. all payments received to date will be 100% refunded.

F) Other Circumstances of Cancellation

Paradesa Borneo reserves a right to terminate a Customers’s trip immediately due to his inappropriate conduct or behaviour, dress or appearance. This may include occasions where the Customers is drunk, in possession of, or taking or dealing in narcotics, or uses threatening, abusive, insulting or violent behaviour to any of our staff or third parties or other Customers or any behaviour detrimental to the enjoyment of the majority of the group.

G) Paradesa Borneo strongly advise that Customers have full personal travel insurance that covers for the refund of monies paid in case either party cancels the tour for any reason.

H) For damages where Paradesa Borneo is responsible, it’s liability is strictly limited to twice the total price of the tour.

I) Force Majeure

If, before the start of the tour, Acts of God, political incident, Force Majeure or heavy weather covering the tour route should render cycling inadvisable or dangerous to the life or health of the cyclists or cause damage to the bikes, with or without consultation, Paradesa Borneo shall have the right to delay, alter or postpone the tour. Likewise, in the course of the execution of the tour, should heavy weather or Force Majeure events occur to make it inadvisable for cyclists to cycle, Paradesa Borneo shall have the right to delay, alter or postpone cycling until the conditions permit the parties to make adjustments to the itinerary including cancellation of routes through certain areas. Paradesa Borneo shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations which results directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance which is beyond its reasonable control. The following shall be regarded as examples of such circumstances: act of God, outbreak of hostilities, outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, revolution, the act of any government or authority (including but not limited to refusal or revocation of any licence or consent), fire, flood, lightning, explosion, fog, landslide, subsidence or bad weather, interruption or failure of a utility service (including but not limited to electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), renovations undertaken by the hotel, strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargo, blockade in the country visited or elsewhere.


J) Documentation

Customers must be in possession of a valid passport and all the visas and permits required for the tour. This includes any medical certificates that are required. The Customers accepts full responsibility for obtaining any and all such documentation. Paradesa Borneo does not accept responsibility if Customers documentation is not in order. Information provided by the Paradesa Borneo about these matters and other related items (clothing, baggage, climate etc.) is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the company.

K) Travel Insurance

Paradesa Borneo has its own insurance policy but with limited coverage. Paradesa Borneo strongly advise that the Customers arrange their own policy to suit their own requirements that include adequate cover for personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, injury, illness, death, Customers property and repatriation of the Customers and any Customers property. Insurance should also provide cover for cancellation or curtailment of the holiday and any consequential loss any liability to third parties. Customers should also ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for any dangerous or unusual activities that might be included in their tour. A copy of the travel insurance should be given to Paradesa Borneo prior to departure of the tour. The Customers can either mail, fax or email it to Paradesa Borneo or give it to the Tour Leader before the tour,.

L) Tour Authority

Upon signing up for a tour Customers must agree to accept the authority of the tour leader who is the representative of Paradesa Borneo. At all times the authority of the tour leader will be final when concerning matters likely to endanger Customers own health or safety or in regard to behavior or ill health that is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or disturbance to the group and the well-being of the tour. Failure to abide by the authority of the tour leader could result in the immediate termination of Customers participation in the tour. In such circumstances Paradesa Borneo reserve the right to terminate all travel arrangements without liability on the part of the company. Customers must always comply with the local law, customs and drug regulations of Malaysia. Failure to do so may lead to Customers being ordered to leave the tour without recourse to any refund or any legal claim against the company.

M) Flights or Delays

Paradesa Borneo will not accept any liability for any delay in Customers outward or inward flight/s, whether the cancellation or delay is caused by the weather, airline rescheduling, industrial action or mechanical failure. Paradesa Borneo will give no refunds or compensation for lost time and services from the itinerary.

N) Complaints

Should Customers have a complaint while on tour, he or she must notify the tour leader, or Paradesa Borneo, at the earliest opportunity, so that they can do what they can to immediately rectify it. Failure to do so will result in the limiting of a Customer’s ability to claim compensation. If the problem is not brought to Paradesa Borneo’s attention, the company will have no opportunity to rectify it. Any complaints should be sent to Paradesa Borneo in writing, or by email, not more than 28 days after the tour ends.

O) Limited Liability

Unless where caused by an intentional or negligent act on Paradesa Borneo’s part, Paradesa Borneo is not liable for illness or bodily injury or property damage as a result of (but not limited to): insect bites, food poisoning or animal attack or criminal attack, physical exertion for which a guest is not prepared; forces of nature; travel by plane, train, auto, boat or other conveyance, or by bicycle, kayak, foot or other form of active or adventure travel; consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics; civil unrest; terrorism; breakdown of equipment; high altitude; lack of or limited access to medical attention in remote locations; and the adequacy of medical attention obtained or provided. Paradesa Borneo is also not liable for: expenses (e.g., meals, transportation or hotel costs) that are not specified as included in the trip cost but may be required to get to or from a trip start or end. Paradesa Borneo reserves the right in its discretion to make route and hotel modifications as necessary to improve the trip quality or to accommodate the comfort and well-being of guests. Customers will be asked to sign Paradesa Borneo’s Waiver and Release of Liability Form before the start each tour. The person who signs the booking form (which incorporates these conditions) warrants that he / she does so, with full authority on behalf of all those whose names appear thereon, and confirms thereby that all such persons accept and are fully aware of these conditions.

P) Climate and Health

Customers should be prepared for climates in Malaysia, and should pack accordingly. Customers may suffer from insect bites and stomach upsets and diarrhea and should carry medicine to deal with these routine matters. Customers should obtain all necessary inoculations prior to departure and should consult a hospital or doctor for advice on what vaccinations you should have.Customers are asked to advise us specifically if they have any handicap, disability, disease, allergies or health problems or dietary requirements. Paradesa Borneo expect Customers to disclose these frankly, so that Paradesa Borneo can consider whether any additional arrangements ought to be made in Customer’s own interests, or whether Paradesa Borneo can agree to accept Customers for the trip.

Q) Youth on Tours

Youths from age 12 on up are welcome on standard bike tours. Children under the age of 12 will be considered on a case by case basis. If a family with younger children wishes to join a date, Paradesa Borneo will contact guests already registered on that date and with their OK, will accept the family’s booking. Youths must share a room with a family member or have a private room (single supplement applies).

R) Customers grant Paradesa Borneo express permission to take photographs or make film records of its trips for promotional and commercial use, as well as approve such use by third parties with whom Paradesa Borneo may engage in joint marketing, without financial remuneration. Any intellectual property rights in such photos or films shall belong to Paradesa Borneo.

S) Privacy Policy

Paradesa Borneo respects Customer’s right to privacy. The personal information gathered from Paradesa Borneo website and from any printed applications or questionnaires is used solely by Paradesa Borneo for the registration and operation of the tours. Some personal information, such as addresses, may be exchanged with banking institutions while processing payment. Email address will not be shared with anyone.

T) Governing Law

This Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Malaysian Law.

– End –

What You Should Expect

Our Team: Your local English-speaking tour leader takes great pride in his or her heritage (as well as their own personal story) and are well informed in Borneo’s history, culture and natural wonders of the area where you are biking and are skilled at passing that knowledge on to you. Along with further support from his or her assistant and / or driver, the tour leader’s aim is to deliver a comfortable, safe, fun and enriching travel experience by ensuring- that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy a trouble-free journey with no worries at all.

Bikes and Backup Support: On short tours (those under 3 days) we include bike hire in the tour price, while on longer tours, we offer bike hire as a supplement in case you prefer to bring your own bike. Bikes can be rented from us on an availability basis (please check the factsheet for the hire cost). We provide good condition front suspension mountain bike with lightweight alloy frames, 27-speed gearing, dish-brakes and Shimano components. Helmets are included. Our tour leader carry spares and tools for basic repair.

Support Vehicle: Our bike tours are fully supported by an air-conditioned vehicles, so should you want put your feet up, there will be a seat for you and a place to put your bike. The support vehicle also carries your luggage as well as keep you topped up with water, tropical fruit and snacks.

Safety Measures: Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended on all our biking adventures. Your tour leader will conduct a group cycling safety meeting on day one, as well as a trip briefing at the beginning of each day on what to expect during the day’s ride. Your tour leader is trained in first aid and emergency rescue, but to a large degree, you must be responsible for your own safety while riding. For non-biking activities such as kayaking, safety measure such as life-jackets are compulsory and a separate safety briefing will be given before the start of each activity.

Food & Drinks: Meals and snacks are included as per the itinerary. We take good care in our planning so it includes the best of Sarawak cuisine, including delicacies from mixture of Dayak, Malay and Chinese cuisine that uses local fresh ingredients from the tropics. Some can be hot and spicy. We eat dinner together Malaysia style by sharing delicious dishes. Alcoholic drinks are available at your own expense, but it might not be served in some Muslim halal restaurants where we will eat.

Accommodation: We have carefully chosen accommodation that is the best available for the location and have friendly local hosts. We strive to offer a good mix of accommodation that is clean, comfortable and representative of the local culture so you have a comfortable night after a hard day in the saddle. The type of lodging can vary depending on location and what is available: local tribal homestay, jungle lodge, national park cabin, historical shophouse and seaside resort. Rooms are based on twin sharing basis with double beds and if you are a single traveler, you might be paired with traveler of the same sex unless you book a single supplement.

Fitness and Cycling Conditions: The tour statistics of cycling days, cycling distances and cycling grades for each tour are listed in the fact sheet. All our trips require basic fitness, preferably acquired through riding your bike. The fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy the riding. However, all of our current bike tours in Sarawak are less strenuous in nature with the average cycling distance of 30-40 km per day and the longest cycling not more than 70km. Most cycling terrains are mainly on continuous paved roads (and limited gravel tracks) with some undulations. It is mostly feasible for the journey to be completed by people of moderate cycling ability.

Your Pre- and Post- Tour Information

Weather: Borneo being on the equator is generally hot (average daily temperatures are around 30 Celsius) and humid, especially during the noon period. Therefore, as much as possible, we like to start our day early and finds points of interest to rest at during the hottest part of the day. Short busts of rain are fairly common during the mid to late afternoon but we provide waterproof ponchos for continuous riding which can be fun.

What to Bring: Once you have booked your tour, we will send you a pre-tour information pack that will have all the information you need to prepare for the tour, such as the packing list and joining instruction etc.

Start & Finish Point: For longer tours of over 3 days, your tour start and finish point is at the Kuching airport and we will transfer you to and from our pre-arranged hotels. For shorter tour, the tour start and finish point is the accommodation of your own arrangement within Kuching city where we will arrange for your pick up on the day the tour starts. Upon your booking, you will need to give us your flight arrival details so that airport transfer can be arranged (for longer tours) or your hotel detail (for shorter tours).

Singles: Soles travelers are always welcome and those who would like their own room have the option of paying -a single supplement. Otherwise, we will arrange for a shared room with another solo traveler (of the same sex) at no extra cost. If there is no roommate available, we will cover the additional cost of a single room.

Money: The official currency is the Malaysian ringgit (RM). Foreign currencies are not generally accepted and currency exchange is only available in Kuching’s major banks as well as larger hotels. Credit cards can be used only in larger hotels and shops. ATMs are widely available in cities and towns, but you’ll need cash in villages to pay for some extra meals, drinks, activities and, of course, shopping. We recommend that you bring an equivalent of US$ 250/- (i n Malaysian ringgit) for incidentals.