Adventure Tours

A group of cyclists stop at a fruit stall on the side of the road on their Kuching tour.
close-up of a sleeping orangutan in the Sarawak rainforest
A shot of an orangutan on this Kuching orangutan tour.
Poeple explore the beach on this Bako National Park day trip.
A boat approaches an island on this 2-day Bako National Park tour.
People share a drink on a wooden terrace on this cross Borneo trek.
Two people cruise across a lake on this cross borneo trek.
People chat on a wooden platform with a spectacular view over a river on this cross Borneo trek.
A man relaxes in a water pool above a waterfall.
People make their way down a slope covered in tree roots on this Mount Santubong tour.
An orangutan hangs from a branch on this Kuching orangutan tour.
colorful boats at a river pier on a wildlife cruise in Borneo
A frog on a tree trunk at night on this Kuching wildlife tour.
A monkey sits in a tree at sunset on this Borneo wildlife tour.
Elephants play in the wild on this Sabah wildlife tour.
A family smile at the camera in a cave on the Kuching cave tour.
A view of a cave full of greenery on this Kuching cave tour.
Caves on the Mulu caves tour.
The sharp rocks of the pinnacle on the Mulu cave tour.
People snorkeling in the ocean on thiskota kinabalu snorkeling tour.
Kuching diving tour people approach the shipwreck.
Miri diving tour, a diver inspects fish swimming through red coral.
Perfect turquoise waters on the Satang island tour.