Borneo Wildlife Tours: Orangutans, Frogs, Turtles, and More

Many visitors come to our island for a Borneo orangutan tour and although we share their love for the ‘Man of the Forest’, Borneo is bursting at the seams with other fascinating creatures. Join us on one of our wildlife discovery tours to learn more about our turtles, orangutans, frogs, indigenous birds, and many sea creatures.

In Sabah, try out a Kinabatangan River Tour on our 5-Day Best of Borneo Wildlife Expedition(opens in a new tab) or maybe we can tempt you with a 3-Day Danum Valley Tour(opens in a new tab) where we enjoy wildlife spotting on treks, riverboat cruises, visits to conservation centers, and night walks. In Sarawak, spend the morning(opens in a new tab) or evening(opens in a new tab) cruising through the estuaries on a trip to Kuching’s Wetlands National Park. Join us for an evening of frog spotting in Kubah National Park.(opens in a new tab)The only difficulty is which one to choose!


An orangutan hangs from a branch on this Kuching orangutan tour.
colorful boats at a river pier on a wildlife cruise in Borneo
A frog on a tree trunk at night on this Kuching wildlife tour.
A proboscis nose monkey on one of the best Borneo wildlife holidays.
A monkey sits in a tree at sunset on this Borneo wildlife tour.
Elephants play in the wild on this Sabah wildlife tour.

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