Iban Longhouses, National Parks, Rainforests, & Caves

Sarawak has so much to offer, with its extensive coastline, abundance of spectacular national parks, and iconic, natural features like the caves and coral reefs. In Central and Northern Sarawak lies Batang Ai, Sibu, Mukah, Miri and Mulu. Guests find it hard to pick their favorite locations and activities, but delving into history and tradition in the Iban longhouses of the interior heartland and the coastal fishing town of Mukah, exploring the coral reefs in Miri Sibuti-Coral Reefs National Park, and journeying through Mulu National Park and its labyrinth of natural cave formations are definitely good places to start!

Map of central and northern Sarawak
People cook in the longhouse on this Iban longhouse tour and stay.
A woman rakes over rice on this Bataing Ai longhouse stay.
People walk down deserted stretch of the river on this authentic Borneo tour.
Caves on the Mulu caves tour.
A boat floats through a tranquil river on this Borneo coast explorer through Sarawak.
Miri diving tour, a diver inspects fish swimming through red coral.
Guests walk through a longhouse with skulls hanging from the ceiling.

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