School Expeditions and Youth Adventure Travel in Borneo

The geographical diversity of landscapes and wildlife in Borneo makes it a great place for students to take part in hands-on, immersive learning experiences. From the rainforest that is teeming with exotic wildlife such as proboscis monkeys and orangutans to the island’s ethnic diversity and vibrant indigenous cultures, all interlaced with a spectrum of stunning natural landscapes, such as rugged mountains, beaches, coral reefs, mangrove peat forests, and rivers. 

Our Borneo school trip program covers physical activities, such as trekking or cycling, and these can be combined with a community project that benefits a remote and underprivileged local community. Some of these humanitarian projects focus on safe and secure shelter, access to clean drinking water, access to hygienic bathrooms facilities, affordable and clean energy for heating and light. 

Our school programs offer students opportunities to immerse themselves in Borneo culture and gain a better understanding of conservation and environmental issues, as well as having fun and gaining valuable life skills. Our task is to design safe programs that are away from crowds so that students can immerse themselves in an authentic experience.

All activities undergo thorough risk assessments at the conceptual, planning, and implementation stages. Periodic reviews of processes are carried out based on experiences and feedback. We welcome external safety audits.

As we understand that every school has different needs, we welcome all inquiries to tailor your trip exactly to your requirements and budget. Talk to us(opens in a new tab) about tailoring an educational travel trip to Borneo to suit your budget and needs.

Activities According to Difficulty

Our activities can range from moderate activity to the more challenging. Adventurous schools can consider exploring the world’s largest cave system; mountain bike through twisting jungle tracks; hike to the interior of Sarawak and even cross borders to remote villages in Indonesia. For a more moderate program, you can choose to help the injured orangutans at the rehabilitation center, trek through virgin rainforest in search of proboscis monkeys and other wildlife; and engage with the indigenous Iban people, staying in a traditional Iban longhouse and waking to sounds of the jungle.  

Check out our suggestions.

People walk down the bank to their kayaks on the shore of the river on this kayaking Kuching adventure.
8 Day Trek, Pedal, and Paddle: Sarawak Rainforest Adventure

This action-packed, multi-activity adventure takes students cycling, trekking, and kayaking through Borneo. Hike through remote villages, breathtaking national parks, and luscious rainforest. Kayak in the Sarawak river and come across centuries-old caves and hidden waterfalls. Cycle across majestic mountain ranges and exotic coastal paths while absorbing Borneo’s rich culture with authentic homestays, meeting locals, and sampling the local cuisine.

This 8-day trip introduces students to Borneo’s spectacular scenery, its fascinating history and tribal culture, and face to face with some of the rare species of wildlife.

People walk down a path through the highlands on this cross Borneo trek.
Trek, Community, & Climb

A 12-day trip with a combination of our different treks through Borneo’s diverse landscapes, as well as getting involved with local community projects, such as building a hydro dam or a jetty. Take on the epic challenge of Mulu Pinnacle to see both the unique natural rock formations, the labyrinth of underground caves, and the breathtaking views as you reach the top of the pinnacle at this heritage site. This part of the trip combines the Penrissen Range Village Hopping(opens in a new tab) and Mulu Caves & Pinnacle Expedition.(opens in a new tab)

A person prepares food on the floor of the longhouse on the Annah Rais longhouse tour.
Day Activities

For those who have planned their own trip and have a few days to spare we also offer day trips. These are single day activities which cover the following categories:

  • Historical walking tours and local cultural experiences
  • Cooking and cultural classes
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking
  • Wildlife experiences – including orangutan programs
  • Local biodiversity programs

Internship program • For international students

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