Charity Challenges

Borneo offers a great variety of exciting and rewarding challenges that are a wonderful way to explore this spectacular island while making a positive contribution to some of the most important issues facing our world today.

Regardless of whether the challenge is cycling the length of the northern shore of Borneo in 15 days, or taking on the multi-activity challenges of cycling, trekking, and kayaking in a week, or maybe trekking through the remote interior, national parks, and even across into Indonesia, your Borneo experience will provide you with unforgettable memories. It will bring you into contact with the people of Borneo as well as rewarding encounters with the island’s famous wildlife, such as the orangutan and the proboscis monkeys.  

Our activities and challenges can range from moderate to extreme. We can organize a ready-made or custom itinerary for your charity, but the following will provide you with some amazing inspiration on what is possible:


A group of cyclists ride in a line as the sun rises through the mist on this trans-Borneo cycling tour.
15-Day Trans-Borneo Road Bike 

A tough but epic challenge on the tropical island of Borneo: we tackle two countries, 8 international crossings and 1,370 kilometers in 12 cycling days! You will cycle a total of 1,370 kilometers on paved roads along the South China Sea and beaches, through mangrove forests and plantations, stunning landscapes, and peaceful villages before taking on some challenging climbs to truly appreciate the natural splendor of Borneo.

A lone cyclist pauses on the road looking at a misty mountian scene on his Borneo cycling tour.
8-Day Sarawak Rainforest Bike Discovery

Explore the amazing diversity of Borneo on two-wheels, from the mountainous interior to the coastal mangroves. Stunning Borneo rainforest, spectacular scenery, fascinating wildlife, real locals, and delicious tribal cuisine make this an unmissable experience.

Multi-Day Activity Trips

Three men pose for a photo with their bikes in front of a beach.
8-Day Trek, Pedal, and Paddle: Sarawak Rainforest Adventure

This action-packed, multi-activity adventure includes cycling, trekking, and kayaking through Borneo. Hike through remote villages, breathtaking national parks, and luscious rainforest. Kayak in the Sarawak river and come across centuries-old caves and hidden waterfalls. Cycle across majestic mountain ranges and exotic coastal paths while absorbing Borneo’s rich culture with authentic homestays, meeting locals, and sampling the local cuisine.

This 8-day trip introduces visitors to Borneo’s spectacular scenery, its fascinating history and tribal culture, and face to face with some of the rare species of wildlife.

Trek & Climb

On a 12-day epic excursion, you can conquer some of Borneo’s greatest treks. Venture into Indonesia through the isolated villages where you will stay with local village folk, or battle the climb up to the Mulu Pinnacle, a heritage site known for its unique rock formations and spectacular caves. You can combine a range of our multiple treks, see our recommendations below of our most popular treks for some inspiration for your 12-day trekking extravaganza!

Penrissen Range Village Hopping(opens in a new tab)

Cross Border Trek To Indonesia & Remote Highland Village stay (opens in a new tab)

Mulu Caves & Pinnacle Expedition (opens in a new tab)

As a locally operated tour company dedicated to practicing responsible tourism, our amazing itineraries practice giving back to the community as well as leaving minimal trace in the areas that you are traveling. You can even contribute to many local causes such as the orangutan rehabilitation programs that help protect and rehabilitate the endangered animals. Contact us(opens in a new tab) to find out more.

Sports Events

Paradesa Borneo, through its joint venture in Draco Action Sports, aims to promote international outdoor sports events in Sarawak, as well as pioneering new outdoor tourism projects (e.g. Ziplines). Paradesa Borneo is the co-founder and co-organizer of the premier adventure race in the state of Sarawak, the Sarawak Adventure Challenge. (opens in a new tab)

The Sarawak Adventure Challenge is a Sarawak-based, international, multi-sport, annual adventure race that delivers on the tagline: Sarawak – “Where Adventure Lives” and supports the state’s reputation as a premier adventure tourism destination. Started in 2017, Sarawak Adventure Challenge is billed as one of the toughest adventure challenges in the region. It is a one-day duathlon adventure race, trail running, and mountain biking, showcasing some of the best rainforests, rivers, trails, and caves in Western Borneo. The annual race, which is supported by the Sarawak State Government through the Ministry of Tourism and the Sarawak Tourism Board, attracts individual participants and teams throughout and beyond South-East Asia. 

Contact us(opens in a new tab) to find out more about these incredible sporting challenges.

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