Explore Sarawak's Spectacular Caves

You can’t come to Borneo and not embark on a caving adventure. Whether you choose a half-day, full-day, or one of our multi-day Mulu Caves tours, you won’t leave disappointed. Explore the spectacular views inside and outside the Fairy Cave, Kuching, the bats and swiftlet birds in the nearby Wind Cave. Spend the day trekking, swimming, and exploring various caves on our family-friendly, Fun Caving for Everyone(opens in a new tab) or raise the adventure stakes on the Adventure Caving Tour.(opens in a new tab)

If you’re looking for an even greater experience, check out our 3-Day(opens in a new tab) and 4-Day Mulu Cave tours.(opens in a new tab) We visit the world-renowned Deer Cave and Clearwater Caves and explore the underground labyrinth. On the 4-day tour, we embark on the Pinnacle Summit trek to see the iconic rock formations and spectacular views.


A family smile at the camera in a cave on the Kuching cave tour.
cave opening surrounded by lush vegetation
three tourists looking at the cave ceiling
two tourists on the boardwalk in deep inside a cave
Borneo's pinnacle rocks towering over the forest

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