Authentic Experiences With Borneo’s Tribes

Learn about the history of Borneo’s different tribal cultures with visits and overnight stays in the Batang Ai Iban, Annah Rais, and Ulu Bayor longhouses. Discover tribal cuisine as you dine with the longhouse folk. Learn about their way of life, the art of rubber tapping and pepper processing, and enjoy evenings filled with local rice wine (tuak), music, and dancing. Hike and swim through the surrounding jungles, waterfalls, and rivers to collect jungle produce for your dinner. These tours provide insightful snapshots into the lives of Borneo’s oldest communities.

A person prepares food on the floor of the longhouse on the Annah Rais longhouse tour.
People cook in the longhouse on this Iban longhouse tour and stay.
iban tribe elder in traditional costume
a group of long narrow boats tethered on the riverside
People cross a wooden foot bridge on this Sarawak Cultural Village tour.
A man on a boat makes his way through the mangrove forests on the river on this Borneo wildlife tour.
People walk down deserted stretch of the river on this authentic Borneo tour.

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