Cultural Experiences

A couple make their way through the market on this Kuching tour.
A couple stand next to two Bornean women as they make kebabs on a market stall on the Kuching day tour.
A woman poses with the sun on this sunset tour of the Sarawak River and Kuching.
The clouds hangover the mountains on this multi-day Borneo holiday.
A person prepares food on the floor of the longhouse on the Annah Rais longhouse tour.
People walk up a simple path on this Annah Rais longhouse tour.
People cook in the longhouse on this Iban longhouse tour and stay.
Fishermen drift to the shore on wooden boats on this Lemanak River tour.
A woman rakes over rice on this Bataing Ai longhouse stay.
People cross a wooden foot bridge on this Sarawak Cultural Village tour.
Three people trek through the rainforest on this Sarawak Coastal Borneo holiday package.
A boat floats through a tranquil river on this Borneo coast explorer through Sarawak.
People walk down deserted stretch of the river on this authentic Borneo tour.