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Our guests’ opinions mean a lot to us, so we want to share their recommendations for the best tours by destination. From the jungle of Sarawak and the bustling streets of Kuching to a journey of discovery in the central and northern interiors of Sarawak, explore the wonders of Sabah and trans-Borneo tours from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu. Choose the location which best suits you and go from there!

map of the different zones of Borneo where Paradesa Borneo offers tours
People on bikes pose for a photo in front of a mountainous backdrop on their Kuching cave tour.
A boat cruises along a tranquil river on this multi-destination Borneo tour.
A woman looks out over the sea at sunset in Sabah Borneo.
A group of cyclists ride in a line as the sun rises through the mist on this trans-Borneo cycling tour.

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