Cycling Day Tours

People on bicycles ride in front of a mosque on a Kuching tour.
A group of cyclists stop at a fruit stall on the side of the road on their Kuching tour.
A man helps the guide load bikes into the sampan boat on the Kuching tour.
a beautiful mosque lit from below against a pink sunset on the kampong Kuching tour.
Guests pose for a photo with their kebabs on this Kuching day tour.
Guests discover different products at the Kubah Ria market on their Kuching tour.
People on bikes pose for a photo in front of a mountainous backdrop on their Kuching cave tour.
A couple cool off in the river with their bikes behind them on their Kuching mountain bike tour.
Kayaking Kuching tour group emerge from the caves.
An orangutan plays in the trees on the Borneo orangutan tour.
The rock formations of bako national park on this Bako National Park tour.
People in kayaks paddle down the Sarawak River on this kayaking Kuching tour.
People cycle on a dirt track through the rainforest on the Kuching day tour adventure.

Cycling Holiday Tours

A lone cyclist pauses on the road looking at a misty mountian scene on his Borneo cycling tour.
A proboscis nose monkey on one of the best Borneo wildlife holidays.
Two men cycle onto a deserted, white sand beach on this Borneo national park tour.
Guests walk through a longhouse with skulls hanging from the ceiling.
Three men pose for a photo with their bikes in front of a beach.
A group of cyclists ride in a line as the sun rises through the mist on this trans-Borneo cycling tour.